2013 – The Farm To-Do List

A farm to-do list. A list of things I want to accomplish. I figure it can act as a to-do list and I can reference back to it whenever I accomplish each item.


1. Start a Publication – this idea has been in the works for over a year and over the last several months I have been working really hard to make it a reality. I can’t wait to share it with all of you.  This is done. Check out www.fromscratchmag.com

2. Redo a piece of furniture – I have a ton of furniture that could be improved with some elbow grease and some paint.

3. Sell produce at the Farmer’s Market – I have some great ideas for our booth and packaging.

4. Start an Etsy store – I’ve been making some really great stuff and I can’t wait to list some things!

5. Build a Farm table – we have so many people who come together for meals there is never enough room for everyone to sit together. It is about time that I remedy this!

6. Sharpen my sewing skills – I got a new sewing machine and it about time that I put it to good use.

7. Sew a quilt – I have always wanted to this but have never completely finished a quilt. I will also document the process and share.

8. Take more photographs – Photography makes me happy and I need to do more of it everyday.

9. Compile – I have so many favorite recipes that I need to consolidate them and make them easily accessible, which is good news for you because then I can just give them away!

10. Build a new pen for the goats – we are going to add some new goats to the herd and they need a bigger enclosure.

11. Live more simply – Sometimes we really complicate our lives by worrying about the next big thing. I am going to take more time to enjoy the moment while it is here.

12. Paint the farmhouse kitchen, living room and dining room.

13. Paint the deck.

14. Listen to more music.

15. Read more good books.

16. Go to bed earlier.

17. Start Beekeeping.

18. Draw and paint more.

19. Get organized.

20. Start seeds in the greenhouse.

21. Redo the farmhouse kitchen and living room floors.

22. Grow and raise the majority of the food we consume.

23. Connect more to the local farming community.

24. Incorporate more field trips and farming projects into our homeschooling curriculum.

25. Make our own cleaners.

26. Make all of our bread.

27. Make a monthly menu planner.

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  1. What a lofty list, and I’d say each one worth doing twice or more! The best is yet to come, I say. Enjoy this journey. You’ve done an amazing job with FromScratch, I’m most certain you’ll lengthen that to-do list and make it look easy while doing it.

    Happy Wednesday!

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