10 Clever things to do with Chicken Wire

Chicken wire or if you are politically correct- Poultry Netting, has such a rustic vibe. It’s country without being red and white gingham. When you incorporate it into your home design it can really bring a level of texture and depth.

I always seem to have an extra roll of it lying around. If you don’t have any Chicken Wire
you can always buy some from Amazon.
I found some cool DIY projects to put it to good use.

1. Chicken Wire Chandelier - How great is this DIY chicken wire chandelier from Funkytime? It really doesn’t look that difficult to make. Get the full instructions here. 

Image by Funkytime

2. Chicken Wire Cloche – I love the terrarium look. Raised in Cotton brought this cloche to the next level when she made it out of chicken wire. Get the entire tutorial here.

Image by Raised in Cotton

3. Vintage Wire Milk Basket – Craft Berry Bush must have known I was looking for something like this! Check out this tutorial here  (it has lots of pictures).

Image by Craft Berry Bush

4. Chicken Wire Pennant.  This photo captures three of my favorite things – chicken wire, pennants and topiary’s. Find out how to make it here.

Image by A Diamond in the Stuff

5. Chicken Wire Valance – This is a super creative way to dress your windows. You could use so many different kinds of fabrics. I bet burlap would look great!  Upcountry Olio has all of the info here.

Image by Upcountry Olio

6. Chicken Wire Frame – A chicken wire craft list wouldn’t be complete without the chicken wire frame. Today’s Fabulous Finds will take you through it step by step here. 

Image by Fabulous Finds

7. Chicken Wire Curio – I see the curios without the glass at thrift stores all the time. I see a lot of different pieces of furniture that are missing glass. What a great way to re-purpose them! Home. Made. really did a great job on this curio. See how she did here.

Image by Home. Made.

8. Fall –  Chicken Wire Pumpkin – A great way to decorate for fall! Craftberrry Bush has all the info here.

Image by Craftberry Bush

9. Halloween – Chicken Wire Ghost – So spooky! Do it yourself here.

Image from Wacky Archives

10. Christmas – Chicken Wire Christmas Trees – How beautiful are these? They are really quite elegant and so easy to do! 

Image from Wedding Chicks

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  1. You’ve given me some ideas this morning, thank you! I especially like the frame above the mantle!

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